How Maní King is born

After a constant search for growth and progress of Prodeman, Mani King was born, and with it, the desire to add value-added to the product manufactured by the company. Mani King offers a peanut production of excellent quality for the consumption of Argentinians.
With Mani King, the quality of a peanut produced under the international norms and exigencies is available to all.

A product supported by Prodeman

Prodeman is a family company that was born in 1984, with the main objective of processing, selecting, storing and exporting the peanut harvest obtained from the agricultural activity. Prodeman’s main objective is to act proactively along the production chain, guaranteeing the quality of the product. That quality is controlled at each stage from the planting to the delivery of the product at final destination, what allows the traceability lot per lot. The whole peanut produced by Prodeman is high oleic, being a healthier product and with longer shelf life.